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10 Things not to miss

1. Portovenere to Campiglia path-stop at the Refuge Muzzerone

2. Feel like fruits and vegetables? Wander the banks of the Market Square.

3. An evening playing flasks at Arci 'The Company' Marola.

4. A visit to the Sanctuary of Montenero of Riomaggiore.

5. A sunset over the Gulf of Poets from Castel San Giorgio ... to find out a little 'local history with the Museum.

6. A little 'jog along the beach to touch the red lighthouse!

7. A dip Palmaria Island overlooking the church of San Pietro in Portovenere.

8. Tasting focaccia, farinata, fried anchovies and mesciua.

9 .Sit on one of the benches of the Public Gardens and discover its 170 plant species.

10. An aperitif at Distrot... a few steps from the Hotel Spice.

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